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Pacific Capacitor Co. has been providing high quality products and responsive customer service to high voltage users around the world since 1967. Pacific Capacitor responds quickly and effectively to changing demands. Their mission is to provide individualized solutions to each of their customers' unique high voltage needs in a timely manner, with the highest quality products available.

Company Profile

Founded in 1967, Pacific Capacitor has been a leading supplier of high quality, state-of-the-art components to various high voltage industries for over 40 years. Continuous product developments have allowed Pac-Cap to respond quickly and effectively to ever-changing customer demands.

Their uniquely designed processing technology allows them to develop smaller components with higher performance than the industry standard.

Pac-Cap's Type SM High Voltage Mica Capacitor is a high voltage dielectric device that incorporates excellent electrical characteristics of a fabricated mica dielectric with a resin impregnation to achieve exceptional reliability at temperatures exceeding 150° C.

Their Type RM High Voltage DC Filter Capacitor is an intermediate high voltage device that incorporates the electrical characteristics of a fixed kraft paper and polyester dielectric with a resin impregnation to achieve exceptional reliability in the smallest possible size.

Products & Services

Pacific Capacitor Co
A Type SM HV Mica Capacitor.

The Type RD High Voltage Metal Cased Capacitor is designed for filtering, bypass, x-ray power supplies, coltage doubling circuits and arc suppression applications. It has a steel terne plate case protected against corrosive conditions with a primer and lacquer finish.

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Power Connection represents CA, AZ, NV, WA and OR for pacific Capacitor, and would be eager to discuss any current or future applications you are working on. The factory can be contacted directly as well, using the following contact information:

Phone: (408) 778-6670
Fax: (408) 778-6680

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