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MDC Vacuum Products, LLC was founded in 1965 to serve a rapidly expanding vacuum industry and to satisfy the increasing demand for high quality vacuum components with fast delivery and reasonable prices. From its inception, MDC has strived to establish itself as a first class catalog-order vacuum components company, without compromising its commitment to quality and service.

Company Profile

MDC established its standing in the vacuum components industry after becoming one of the first licensed manufacturers of Varian’s patented Conflat® metal-seal flange, known today to most MDC customers as the Del-Seal™ CF metal-seal flange. Reputation for quality, continuous process improvement, innovation and reliability have made MDC a coveted provider of vacuum instruments and components the world over.

MDC’s customer base is as varied as its product lines. Customers include national laboratories, colleges and universities, original equipment manufacturers and domestic as well as international commercial accounts. Over the past three decades MDC has dedicated extensive resources to the development, implementation and production of practical, dependable and accessible vacuum solutions, this is evident today by its vast selection of standard off-the-shelf vacuum components. From the simplest of airtight seals to complex eVap electron-beam coating instruments, MDC’s product line provides a comprehensive solution to the world’s scientific and industrial vacuum community.

Products & Services

MDC Vacuum Products
A blank and a standard Del-Seal flange.

MDC's product lines include vacuum flanges and fittings, valves (gate, angle, inline and butterfly), roughing components and sieve traps, gauges, viewports and glass components, motion and manipulation devices/feedthroughs, thin-film deposition equipment, chambers, and an engineering team capable of solving the most challenging custom-engineered requirements.

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*MDC Vacuum Products, LLC is the parent company of both the MDC Insulator Seal and MDC Gas Delivery Products (GDP) divisions.

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Power Connection represents CA, AZ, and NV for MDC Vacuum Products, and would be eager to discuss any current or future applications you are working on. The factory can be contacted directly as well, using the following contact information:

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