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MDC Insulator Seal

Ceramic-to-Metal Vacuum Components

MDC's scientists, engineers and technicians have been perfecting the science and art of ceramic-to-metal bonding for over twenty years. Using time-tested proprietary vacuum bonding techniques and advanced vacuum brazing systems MDC's Ceramic Seals Division (formerly ISI) provides the scientific and industrial vacuum community with ceramic-to-metal products of unsurpassed quality and performance.

Company Profile

Over the past two decades MDC's Insulator Seal Division has assembled the industry’s most comprehensive line of hermetically sealed electrical and optical ceramic-to-metal components. A closely monitored inventory allows us to meet customer expectations of fast delivery to domestic and international customers.

In the vacuum components industry there can be few more specialized technologies than the production of ceramic-to-metal seals. Ceramic-to-metal seals, the bonding of metals to ceramics, are fundamental to the manufacture of thousands of components in applications where electricity and optics must interface with high and ultrahigh vacuum environments.

MDC's Insulator Seal Division was founded in the late 1970's as "Insulator Seal Inc (ISI)" by a small core of engineers with the single aim of providing leading edge solutions to the growing range of Ceramic-to-Metal seal applications. In a relatively short period of time, MDC has attained a global reputation for high quality manufacturing and fast delivery of thousands of electrical and optical vacuum components.

Products & Services

Insulator Seal
A variety of thermocouple feedthroughs.

Some of the products available from Insulator Seal include a complete line of thermocouple feedthroughs, multipin feedthroughs, an extensive selection of coaxial and power feedthroughs, high frequency RF power feedthroughs, electrical breaks, viewports (including deep ultraviolet and far infrared optical applications), as well as custom engineered products for exotic or demanding applications.

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*MDC Vacuum Products, LLC is the parent company of both the MDC Insulator Seal and MDC Gas Delivery Products (GDP) Divisions.

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Power Connection represents CA, AZ, and NV for MDC Insulator Seal Division, and would be eager to discuss any current or future applications you are working on. The factory can be contacted directly as well, using the following contact information:

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