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Applied Kilovolts Ltd

(A Subsidiary of Exelis Inc)
High-Voltage Power Supplies

Applied Kilovolts Ltd (a subsidiary of Exelis Inc) is dedicated to the design and production of high-voltage power supplies in the range 1kV to 60kV (up to 250W), and concentrates on modular high-voltage power supplies. They have become the leading supplier of high stability, precision modules for the scientific instrument market in the UK, Europe and USA.

Company Profile

Based in Sussex, on the south coast of England, Applied Kilovolts Ltd (a subsidiary of Exelis Inc) specializes in high-voltage power supplies in the range 1kV to 60kV and concentrates on modular power supplies. The standard range of precision modular units features very low ripple (from 10 mV peak to peak) and high stability (load regulation 10 parts per million).

The company's design staff can draw on 65 years experience of design, production and application of high voltage power supplies. Our application engineers are trained in the use of high voltages in scientific and other physics based instruments and will ensure compatibility with the users equipment.

Applied Kilovolts
Headquarters in Sussex, England.

Products & Services

Applied Kilovolts
An HP Series power supply.

The well proven range of standard products covers 1kV to 60kV and power levels from 2W to 250W, with Positive, Negative or Reversible (bi-polar) polarity.  Their engineering design service is available to customers requiring a completely new power supply design, modification to an existing design or tighter specifications (e.g <10ppm/°C temperature co-efficient, or lower ripple). Custom designed OEM units can include Zero-Crossing Bi-Polar (up to 15kV), Floating Output Units, Multi-Output Units (for ion guns, etc), and much more.

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Contact Information

Power Connection represents CA, WA, OR, NV and WY for Applied Kilovolts Ltd, and would be eager to discuss any current or future applications you are working on. The factory can be contacted directly as well, using the following contact information:

Phone: +44 (0) 1903 708850
Fax: +44 (0) 1903 708851

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UK Headquarters:
Woods Way
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